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Sometimes a photographer gets to attend some interesting events. This was one of those occasions.

Daniel Di Martino was the guest speaker for the Young Americans Foundation at the University of Nebraska at Kearney. A PhD candidate in Economics at Columbia. Born and raised in Venezuela, he experienced terrible consequences of socialism first hand.

Daniel arrived in the Unites States in 2016 and dedicated himself to explaining how socialism destroyed his home and stopping this ideology from ever being implemented in America and elsewhere.


More than. 7.1 million Venezuelans have left the country since 2015. Making them the largest international refugee group in the world. 

Young Americans Foundation event at UNK

“Venezuelans overwhelmingly elected. Hugo Chavez. In 1998. Chavez ‘s supporters replied to those who saw him for what he was? A socialist tyrant with claims like: “It can never happen here. We are a democracy. We are an oil rich nation. We are not an island. We will never be like Cuba.” But after the first few free elections, as Chavez’s policies took effect and his popularity declined, Venezuela’s elections stopped being free. 

Now that Venezuelans can’t vote their way out of socialism. They’re saying on the street is, “We were rich, but we didn’t know it.” Today., Even as many Americans think that what happened in Venezuela? Can never happen in America. Many of our leaders are working to ensure that Venezuela’s president becomes America’s future. It’s up to you to recognize and protect the precious freedoms we enjoy in America. So we never say, “We were rich, but we didn’t know it.” “

  • Daniel Di Martino
We Thought we were rich
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